3D Environment Artist


Ryan Pacheco

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Personal Summary

I am a highly self motivated and organized creative professional committed to pursuing a long term career in game development. I am a quick learner, and an analytical problem solver who demonstrates a natural creative and artistic ability. I am proficient with a variety of 3D and 2D graphic development software. I am a strong contributor in a hands-on team environment, and can be trusted to follow and execute instructions without supervision. I offer a broad and adaptable skill set, and have proven myself competent in many capacities.


• Fluent in graphic development software with a proven ability to quickly learn and effectively apply new technologies.

• Intrinsic creative talent and keen eye for high quality art and design. Strong technical understanding for 3D art asset creation and optimization, and the High-poly to Low-poly workflow.

• Over three years experience in the games industry, having worked on more than a dozen published titles for multiple platforms. A quick learner and fully committed to professional growth.

• Passionate about games and game theory. Actively play and study games and have a strong understanding of game development and design principles.

• Team player who is trustworthy, reliable and committed to success. Well organized with a strong work ethic.

• Experience in steering and directing aspects of game development.  Natural ability for managing people and talent to meet project budget and objectives.


3dsmax, Silo, Photoshop, UDK, Illustrator, Zbrush, Crazy Bump, Meshlab, Flash, Torque, Encore, Premiere



3D/2D Artist / UI Designer, Big Viking Games, 2012

Currently work as a 3D/2D artist, and UI Designer. Responsible for creating game ready assets spanning a variety of artistic styles, for both web and mobile games.


Lead Artist / Director / Designer, Just For Fun Studios, 2009

I worked as Lead Artist, and Game Designer.  I created and integrated 3D levels, environment art assets, and textures using a variety of support software; balancing technical requirements and limitations.  I managed a team of both in-house and remote professionals and was responsible for the development of art style and all art assets.  I Helped develop and manage milestone schedules, relaying and acting on all requests from publishers.  I was an integral part of the game design and development process; and critical to the completion of the project.


Lead Artist / Designer / Beanbag Studios inc, 2006 – 2009

I worked as Associate Producer, and Lead and Technical Artist.  I created and integrated polished game ready art assets, and all visual effects.  I oversaw all art, writing, programming, and sound integration.  Managed and directed a team of nearly 30 Professionals.  I implemented effective staff and skills management strategies on concurrent projects, spanning multiple platforms, meeting demanding deadlines.  I wrote technical documents and managed milestone schedules. I was responsible for resolving problems and troubleshooting a variety of issue on a daily basis.


Professional freelance Graphic and Fine Artist,  2001 – present

Includes owning and operating a clothing label; freelance graphic design and print work; large scale murals; painting; and photography.

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